January 2017 : Latest Release from Rallymodels, exclusive to us in 1/43 scale

Latest release from us, on Trofeu 1/43 base, Colin McRae’s 1990 Manx International Rally Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, either in day version , night version (with lamp pod)

or as a limited edition twin set of both, please email us for more information.



Latest release’s from Rallymodels

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Latest release from Rallymodels, is a twin car set, on Trofeu 1/43 base, of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth’s of the late Mark Lovell. Featuring the British Telecom livery from the 1987 Ulster Rally, and the Premium Sound 2000 livery from the Tour De Corse in 1989. Limited to just 25 sets, priced at £118 in UK shipping. Please email us at or find us at Facebook RALLYMODELS.

Julian Reynolds’ 2016 Ford Focus debuts…..

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Using the new Ford Focus WRC of Julian Reynolds, Guy Smith / Patrick Walsh won the 2016 Jack Frost Stages at Croft during January , complete with on the doors.

Ari Vatanen / David Richards British Rally Championship 3x car set, 1980

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set2Available now, in 1/43 scale on Trofeu base, and limited to 25x sets only. The David Sutton (Cars) Ltd prepared Group 4 Escort RS 1800, EUW938V, as rallied on the 1980 Welsh, Manx and Circuit of Ireland Rallies, complete & together on a plinth, with a cleat plastic top, all three cars are subtly different, inc the Circuit’ car that ran without sponsorship. Priced at £140 / €195 each inc shipping, please email us  for more info, or see us on Facebook, RALLYMODELS.

Forza Motorsport 5 & Asphalt 8 Games !

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If you fancy playing racing games, you’ll love the titles listed here. Whether you’re looking for something that can unleash your hardcore road instincts, or just simply trying to pass the time with a casual racing game, this article has you covered,
providing the best games currently available for the PC, console, or mobile.

Forza Motorsport 5

Forza Motorsport 5 is an exclusive game for the Xbox One. It takes full
advantage of the latest next-gen console by offering gamers new control features
that give feedback to the hands. Players feel what their cars are experiencing
and controllers will rev uncontrollably during a crash. To date, Forza
Motorsport 5 is quite possibly the most beautifully-rendered racing game
available for The Xbox One and is a benchmark for future car games. One look at
the screenshot above and you’ll know that the game is pure eye candy.

Asphalt 8:

Airborne Asphalt 8 is a testament to gaming developers’ claims that the mobile market can become bigger than consoles. Gaming Realms, main company of online gaming host Castle Jackpot predicted that mobile gaming will become a billion-dollar industry next year. With Asphalt’s gameplay and graphics that can rival even the titles of next-gen consoles, that forecast is just within arm’s reach. Aspalt 8: Airborne features 47 racing vehicles, 180 events, and numerous gaming modes so if you’re a hardcore racing lover, you’re going to love the variety in this game.

asDriver San Francisco 123456
Driver: San Francisco
If you like high-adrenaline car police chases, Driver: San Francisco is the game for
you. Apart from the usual game mechanics of car games, Driver is unique since
the main character can telepathically control other drivers on the road. It’s
similar to the FPS game Jericho where players can take over the minds of
teammates in order to unlock new fighting features. By taking over the minds of
drivers, players of Driver can catch thieves faster and gain special crash

Find Rallymodels on Facebook !

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Please “like” our Facebook Page, here you will find the latest news on Rallymodels, we update this every day !

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2014 Legend Boucles De Spa “BELGE” Metro 6R4

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For 2014, our Legend Boucles De Spa model will be the “Belge” liveried Metro 6R4 of Marc Duez. Based on the 1/43 IXO Metro, and featuring our logo’s on the roof and below the front number plate, please drop us a line via our Facebookpage Rallymodels or e-mail Model will be limited to 50x models only.


Rallymodels…welcome to our world !

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Why not visit the webs premier forum for collectors of rallymodels of all scales, share news and views from around the world, including news from the manufactures hot of the press.


Also, along with our twitter @rallymodels, our Facebook Rallymodels, and our recently relaunched website you can keep fully up to date with everything from the world of rallymodels. We’ve been here on the web since 2000, been providing diecast rallymodels to customers worldwide for the last 13 years, and have released nearly 100x Code 3 Limited Edition Models. Coming in the next few weeks from us will be Francois Duval’s “Gordons” Ford Escort MK2 RS1800 from 2013 Legend Boucles De Spa, Julian Reynolds’ 2012 British Historic Rally Championship winning Ford Escort MK1, and from 1988, the Group B,  “Bonusprint” liveried MG Metro 6R4 of Steven Sofroniou. Pictures will be posted as soon as we have built the first ones…….duval12

Boucles De Spa 2012 Video

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Check out this video and see if you can spot all the cars we model for you!!