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Rallycars 1:1


Over the years we have been very lucky to have our name on some of the top rallycars competing all over Europe, and usually we have produced a limited run in 1:43 of the 1:1 cars……..


Tapio Laukannen 2004 Circuit of Ireland Rally

Running in the Morgan Motorsport Subaru Impreza WRC 2001, Tapio retired on the first stage with an engine fire ! But that made the front page of Motoring News that week, and plenty of TV coverage.

tapio subaruTapio Skooby

Chris Jacob 2009-2013 Various European Rallies

 We originally made models of the “Belga” liveried Escort MK2 RS1800 NUG 573V ex Robert Droogmans car that Chris restored and rallied, and he has kindly carried our name on many of his cars ever since.









“HED 593V” Rallye de Maroc Historique 2012maroc3






Bjorn Waldegaard 2010 Legend Boucles De Spa

 Bjorn and Stephane Prevot finished second overall in very snowy conditions. We produced 100x of this car as a limited edition on a Trofeu MK2 Escort base car.


Bjohn Valdergard




Bjorn Waldegaard, Stig Blomqvist and Simon Everett 2011 Legend Boucles De Spa

Team Jacob was out in force on this years event, with a three car team, including the RallyExtreme Escorts. Bjorn finished second again in “PYB106”. We produced 50x of Simon Everett’s Auto News sponsored car.












Didier Auriol & Bjorn Waldegaard 2012 Legend Boucles De Spa

This year it was Didier in the RallyExtreme MK2 (Retired damaged suspension)  , of which we produced 50x in 1/43, whilst Bjorn finished seventh in the mighty Ferrari 308.


Picture Didier MK2














Francois Duval 2013 Legend Boucles De Spa


Up for a livery challenge this year, Francois was in “PYB106” (which has an excellent record on this event previously with Bjorn) and  a complete wrap of the GORDON livery, will have made 100x of this model (available April 2013)




Julian Reynolds British Historic Championship 2009-12


Julian has carried our website on his Escorts since 2009, with the MK2 “LGU377P” between 2009-11, and for a short time on the 2012 RAC Rally. We have modeled the 2010 car, and have RAC car available May 2013. For 2012 Julian changed to a MK1 Escort and won the British Historic Championship. This model too will be available May 2013.
















 Gregoire deMevius RAC Rally 2012


Team Jacob entered Gregoire in HED593V in BELGE livery, as a reincarnation of the original car used in BELGA colours, as part of the JC Motorsport Team in the 1980’s. Our web site was under the rear spoiler ! 1/43 model will be available May 2013.