Bespoke Models “one off’s”

We specialize in the production of bespoke models of rally cars in 1/43 scale, for special occasions or promotional items. The limiting factors are if the actual model is available as a rally car for us to convert, for example, most current and past WRC’s, Escort MK1 and MK2 rally and road cars, Subaru Impreza’s, most Group B rally cars inc Metro 6R4 and Ford RS200. Please e-mail us to enquire. Due to the technicalities of decal production, complex liveries are difficult in very small runs of models, but OK for a minimum run of 50x models,  simple liveries are a lot easier to produce. Simple modification of an existing model is possible, for example adding registration plates to existing models, for example the Ford Focus RS 500’s pictured below, that now have their owners personal registration plates attached. Feel free to email us, along with pictures, and we can let you know…even if the car make is not listed, it may be possible ! Here are a few examples of “ones we made earlier…………


Edwards’s 18th Birthday cake

s.clarke 001

S.Clarke, supplied to daughter of cars owner, to present to her Dad, after he had given her away at her wedding



JJN 974N was the most sucessful works MK2 Escort ever, driven by Belgian legend Gilbert Staepelaere, we produced 50x of this for his son, and they were given to competitors on the “Gilbert Staepelaere Memorial Rally” in 2008.



EWF 663V Escort MK2 RS2000, one of the most sucessful road rally cars ever (ex Steve Hill Motoring News car), limited edition of 3x for its owner after restoration



SJN 830R Escort MK2 RS2000, originally a David Sutton (Cars) Ltd Group 1 rally car, due to a strike at Boreham in 1978, its identity was used on a “works” car, and it won the 1978 RAC Rally with Bjorn Waldegard at the wheel. limited edition of 2x for its current owner.



PYB 106 Escort MK2 RS1800, as rallied on the 2010 Pirelli International Rally, a limited edition of 4x for its owner.



LGU 377P Escort MK2 RS1800 , as rallied on the 2010 Pirelli International Rally, a limited edition of 6x for Julian Reynolds.


TWC235R Escort MK2 RS1800, as rallied on the 1979 Welsh Rally by Jim Donald, originally a Boreham recce car, and only rallied once, a limited edition of 3x for its current owner as restored.



C862 VUY, Metro 6R4 for its owner.



Metro 6R4 Clubmans roadcars, D25 WWC  and D339 BAY for their owner


 Sam Nelson’s Metro 6R4, E264 AAM produced for the navigator