GB Models Decals

Its always been our policy to sell decals for the models we produce, as many people enjoy that side of the hobby. Thus, usually we can offer decals only, decals + base car, or fully built on all of our special release GB models from the previous pages. Our decals are not produced on a home PC, they are top quality decals, on par with the best in the world, produced here in the UK in rural Shropshire, contact us for more information on prices.

Generic Rally Decals

For a added accuracy, we have many decals available, exclusive to ourselves, to make your models better than the rest:


UK Registration Plates

Post 1972 with black letters, blank yellow rear and white front number plate, with full set of numbers and letters. Make your own number plates.

Pre 1972 with white letters, black front and rear number plates, with full set of numbers and letters.


UK Tax Discs.

These are produced from real tax discs from the correct year, the detail is perfect, but you cant see it ! A sheet of tax discs, colours were on a four year rotating cycle, 1979 – Green, 1980 – Red, 1981 – Blue, 1982 – Purple.


Bonnet Pins / Boot catches.


Electrical Cut off / Extinguisher logos.


Ford Logo badges – correct size for grille of MK2 Escort etc.


Sponsor Decals.

We have been making models for twenty years, and never thrown any decals away, thus if you need an extra Mintex decal, Lombard RAC rallyplate, or any obscure logo / sponsor decal, please drop us an e-mail, we probably have it.