Service Barges 1:43

These are a perfect addition to any collection, coupled up to a twin wheel trailer with a rally car on the back, they look the business !

These first two are long since sold out, produced in 1/43 by Spark Models, the detail is just perfect, you may still find the odd one on E-Bay.

Ford Transit MK2 “Rothmans” David Sutton Cars Ltd.



Ford Transit MK2 “Belga” J-C Motorsport.

A limited edition of 500x models, produced by Spark at our request, with pictures kindly supplied by one of the Service Crew.  Jeff Churchill ran Robert Droogmans in the European Championship in the early 80’s, this was their Service Barge, pictured below on the actual car in Belgium ! We had 100x of these, the remaining 400x were sold via Homble Diffusion in Belgium.



Future Releases :

These are exclusive to us, using Spark painted and supplied models in the correct paint colour (as supplied by the original teams)


Ford Transit MK2 “MCD”

MCD prepared MK2 Escorts in the 70’s and 80’s, as used by Geoff Fielding, Malcolm Patrick and Roger Clark to name just a few. Later they became RED, who prepared the 33 Export Metro 6R4 of Didier Auriol and the Sierra of  Colin McRae.

Available Summer 2013, limited to 50x only.


Ford Transit MK2 “RED”

Rally Engineering Development of Widnes, Cheshire ran Metro 6R4’s through to Escort WRC’s in Europe during the 90’s and early 00’s. A973 EAO loaded up to the hilt with wheels and a rally car, was often a common site in Europe during that time.

Available Summer 2013, limited to 50x only.