What we do

We don’t just do Rally Cars ………..

We make:



These are a perfect addition to any collection, coupled up to a twin wheel trailer with a rally car on the back, they look the business !

These first two are long since sold out, produced in 1/43 by Spark Models, the detail is just perfect, you may still find the odd one on E-Bay.

Ford Transit MK2 “Rothmans” David Sutton Cars Ltd.ds2

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GB Models Decals

Its always been our policy to sell decals for the models we produce, as many people enjoy that side of the hobby. Thus, usually we can offer decals only, decals + base car, or fully built on all of our special release GB models from the previous pages. Our decals are not produced on a home PC, they are top quality decals, on par with the best in the world, produced here in the UK in rural Shropshire, contact us for more information on prices.

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Other Bits………

Wheels, Lampods, Handles, Minilites

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RESIN 1/43 Wheels and Lamp Pods.

Expertly produced for us by Renaisance in France, these will enhance any model.

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