Forza Motorsport 5 & Asphalt 8 Games !


If you fancy playing racing games, you’ll love the titles listed here. Whether you’re looking for something that can unleash your hardcore road instincts, or just simply trying to pass the time with a casual racing game, this article has you covered,
providing the best games currently available for the PC, console, or mobile.

Forza Motorsport 5

Forza Motorsport 5 is an exclusive game for the Xbox One. It takes full
advantage of the latest next-gen console by offering gamers new control features
that give feedback to the hands. Players feel what their cars are experiencing
and controllers will rev uncontrollably during a crash. To date, Forza
Motorsport 5 is quite possibly the most beautifully-rendered racing game
available for The Xbox One and is a benchmark for future car games. One look at
the screenshot above and you’ll know that the game is pure eye candy.

Asphalt 8:

Airborne Asphalt 8 is a testament to gaming developers’ claims that the mobile market can become bigger than consoles. Gaming Realms, main company of online gaming host Castle Jackpot predicted that mobile gaming will become a billion-dollar industry next year. With Asphalt’s gameplay and graphics that can rival even the titles of next-gen consoles, that forecast is just within arm’s reach. Aspalt 8: Airborne features 47 racing vehicles, 180 events, and numerous gaming modes so if you’re a hardcore racing lover, you’re going to love the variety in this game.

asDriver San Francisco 123456
Driver: San Francisco
If you like high-adrenaline car police chases, Driver: San Francisco is the game for
you. Apart from the usual game mechanics of car games, Driver is unique since
the main character can telepathically control other drivers on the road. It’s
similar to the FPS game Jericho where players can take over the minds of
teammates in order to unlock new fighting features. By taking over the minds of
drivers, players of Driver can catch thieves faster and gain special crash

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